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Our Crew

Matvey Diadkov image

Matvey Diadkov

Ceo of bitmedia labs

I strive to develop an organization built on mutual respect, openness, and teamwork. Over the years at Bitmedia Labs, I've discovered that the biggest joy I get from work is being ...arrow image

Mikhail Protsenko image

Mikhail Protsenko

chief technology officer

This is a fantastic company that supplies you with all of the tools you need to improve and enhance your professional abilities.

Oksana Kuzma image

Oksana Kuzma

HR director

Working with Bitmedia Labs is a fantastic opportunity for any expert seeking new challenges and personal advancement.

Kostiantyn Nemchenko image

Kostiantyn Nemchenko

Head Of legal

Innovative, dynamically expanding markets and worldwide initiatives are the factors that motivate you to achieve your best while also providing you with the greatest fulfillment.

Ihor Lutenko image

Ihor Lutenko

team lead react.js & Node.js

Bitmedia is the type of company where people rally around the initiative and where synergy is palpable in the activities of management and staff. In over three years of employment,...arrow image

Andriana Makuts image

Andriana Makuts

Recruitment Lead

Bitmedia is the finest location to be creative, communicate and execute ideas, as well as develop your expertise.

Nastia Gergun image

Nastia Gergun

Head of Content&PR

To be honest, the Bitmedia Labs team is what motivates me the most. The team motivates me to grow, and the squad encourages me to achieve more and better.

Oksana Khalturina image

Oksana Khalturina

team lead account manager

Bitmedia.IO is a company that provides you with a wide professional experience, and I enjoy expanding with an organization.

Mikhail Korobkov image

Mikhail Korobkov

team lead web design

Throughout my experience at Bitmedia Labs, the crew felt like a second family to me. There is always a way to discover a global ground and reach an agreement with everyone.

Oleksii Vatsenko image

Oleksii Vatsenko

lead concept artist

It is indeed phenomenal to engage with excellent and supportive dudes and dudetts who are also professional people. Y’all Rock!

Kateryna Balaniuk image

Kateryna Balaniuk

Head of Marketing

Bitmedia is about growth and people. Top teams, fascinating projects, and an ambiance that motivates me to improve my skills and commitment.

Yuliia Movchan image

Yuliia Movchan

HR people partner

I genuinely think this is a damn good place with great skilled professional staff. It's a joy to be a part of such a team.